Daniel Arthur Laprès
Avocat au Barreau de Paris
Barrister & Solicitor (Nova Scotia Canada)

en coopération avec Kunlun Law Firm, Chine

Paris, le 31 août 2008



China faces a new world order of trade, (IHT) By Wei Gu, Reuters August 28, 2008,

China to Widen Foreign Exchange Services in Beijing, Shanghai , (Bloomberg), Judy Chen and Belinda Cao, August 20, 2008

Forte hausse des investissements étrangers (les Echos), 13/08/08

La Chine assouplit sa politique monétaire (les Echos) 08/08/08

China Tightens Foreign-Currency Control Rules to Curb Inflation , (Bloomberg) By Agnes Lovasz and Belinda Cao, August 7, 2008

S&P raises China's debt rating (FT) Andrew Wood in Hong Kong, August 1, 2008

How monetary self-confidence gives China a lead on the US (FT), July 31 2008

China need not worry too much about hot money: paper (Reuters) July 28, 2008

Renminbi fall sparks speculation of policy shift (FT) Peter Garnham, July 28, 2008

European partners eye Chinese funds (FT) Martin Arnold, July 24, 2008

SWFs attract controversy but are part of the global solution (FT) Arnab Das, July 23 2008

Carlyle learns bitter Chinese lesson (FT) Sundeep Tucker, July 23, 2008

Yuan Gains to Slow in Second Half, Researcher Says (Bloomberg) Judy Chen, July 23, 2008

China's `Hot Money' Crackdown Won't Halt Yuan Buying (Bloomberg) Kim Kyoungwha and Judy Chen, July 23, 2008

China's currency needs to rise further (FT) Morris Goldstein and Nicholas Lardy, July 22 2008

China Tightens Scrutiny of Foreign Direct Investment (Bloomberg) Li Yanping and Zhang Dingmin, July 18, 2008

China and Fannie Mae (FT) July 17, 2008

Sovereign funds cut exposure to weak dollar (FT) Henny Sender, July 16 2008

China flags FX reserve risk from Fannie, Freddie (Reuters) July 16, 2008

Growth in Chinese forex reserves slows (Reuters) (FT) Geoff Dye, July 14 2008

China's Currency Reserves Rise 36% to $1.81 Trillion (Bloomberg) Nipa Piboontanasawat, July 14, 2008

Growth in Chinese forex reserves slows (FT) Geoff Dyer, July 14 2008

China and Fannie Mae (Bloomberg) Belinda Cao, July 13, 2008

Foreign Direct Investment in China Jumps 45.6 Percent (Bloomberg) Li Yanping and Nipa Piboontanasawat, July 11, 2008

Dealing with sinophobia The Economist, July 10, 2008

China's trade surplus shrinks (FT) Geoff Dyer, July 10 2008

China wealth fund wants US security rules clarified (Reuters) July 10, 2008

China's Safe to invest $2.5bn in TPG fund (FT) Henny Sender in New York, July 10, 2008


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