Daniel Arthur Laprès
Avocat au Barreau de Paris
Barrister & Solicitor (Nova Scotia Canada)
Of counsel to Kunlun Law Firm, Beijing

Paris, le 25/04/2011



TV censors warn against time travel programs, New York Times April 12, 2011

Freedom on the Net 2011, 4/18/2011

Going public: Chinese social network Renren IPO imminent , Wall Street Journal 4/19/2011

Innovation, Espionage, and Chinese Technology Policy, CFR, April 2011

Susan Shirk: Changing Media, Changing China, WSJ, April 2011

Business Watch Magazine announces decision to discontinue, Sina Finance 4/12/2011 (in Chinese)

China's Internet: Staking Digital Ground, CRF 2010, no. 2


U.S. embassy's online outreach interrupted, China Media Bulletin No. 11: April 11, 2011

Mainstream journalists also targeted in government's crackdown, IFEX 4/1/2011

China report claims Google-linked firms broke rules, Reuters 3/31/2011

April fool site deleted, Radio Free Asia 4/1/2011

Tibetan earthquake film seized, Radio Free Asia 3/31/2011

Cross-regional reporting continues despite pressures, China Media Bulletin No. 13: March 25, 2011

Anhui flooded with private illegal TV stations, Xinhua 3/22/2011 (in Chinese)

Cyber-dissident gets heavy jail term after unfair trial , Reporters Without Borders, 3/25/2011

Baidu plans operating system for mobiles, Financial Times 3/22/2011

Australia inquires about a writer missing in China, New York Times 3/30/2011

Sichuan news website vows to 'fight the power' , Ming Pao 3/25/2011 (in Chinese)

China officially launches own online mapping service, Global Times 1/19/2011

China's Baidu search engine cracks down on pirated books, eWeek 3/30/2011

Twitter won't be able to ignore China, co-founder says, IDG News 3/24/2011

TV channel trying to change China from New York, Reuters 3/21/2011

China closes AIDS website, Radio Free Asia 3/16/11

Baidu's online library accused of piracy by Chinese authors, PCWorld 3/17/2011

Illegal internet cafes closed, Radio Free Asia 3/18/2011

Shanxi government to launch 'internet red scout' campaign to rebut criticism of the party, China News Net 3/16/2011

China imposes Tibet travel restrictions, British Broadcasting Corporation 3/8/2011

Reel China: Hollywood tries to stay on China's good side, Los Angeles Times 3/16/2011

Latest directives from the Ministry of Truth, China Digital Times 3/14/2011

SW China mega-city building huge security system, Agence France-Presse 3/8/2011

Gmail disruption in China could signal tighter control, PCWorld 3/14/2011

Drinking tea and discussing the Jasmine Revolution: a Twitter report, China Digital Times 3/11/2011

Reform advocates Jin Haike and Xu Wei released after 10-year imprisonment, Human Rights in China 3/14/2011

Michael Anti's exile from Facebook over 'real-name policy' , Committee to Protect Journalists 3/9/2011

Michael Anti's exile from Facebook over 'real-name policy' , Committee to Protect Journalists 3/9/2011

China tightens controls on foreign press, New York Times 3/3/2011

Campaign against "pro" tweets, Radio Free Asia 3/2/2011

China social media sites no mere clones, South China Morning Post 2/27/2011

Leaked censorship directives target Hu and Wen coverage, China Digital Times 3/1/2011

Crackdown on Uighur writers continues as web editor jailed, Amnesty International 3/7/2011

WordPress back up after attacks 'from China' , Agence France-Presse 3/6/2011

China media regulator SARFT appoints new head before People's Congress, Hollywood Reporter 2/25/2011

General Administration of Press and Publications announces new regulations for academic journals, Beijinger News 2/24/2011 (in Chinese)

Google who? Chinese government launches sanitized search engine, Panguso, PCMag 2/22/2011

After protest video, U.S. envoy's name censored online, Wall Street Journal 2/24/2011

Wake up and smell the jasmine, Foreign Policy 3/1/2011

Ai Weiwei listed as option for 'Artist of the year' sparks censorship, Art Info 2/22/2011

Ai Weiwei listed as option for 'Artist of the year' sparks censorship, Art Info 2/22/2011


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