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This seminar is delivered over 24 hours and is intended to study the economic and legal approaches to the emerging information economy.


Law and economics of intellectual property

Law and economics of networks

Law and economics of competition in the information industry

Law of electronic commerce

Additional topics for online option:

Law and economics of information in the financial sector (mandatory disclosure and insider trading)

Law and economics of auctions

Law and economics of bargaining


Books- these titles may be ordered online

Economic Analysis of Law by Richard A. Posner (Aspen Publishers, Inc., 1998), chapters, 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 12 and 13.

Law and Economics by Robert Cooter and Thomas Ulen (Harper Collins, 1998), chapters 1, 2, 4 and 5.

International Business Law by Ray August (Prentice Hall, 1999), chapter 12.

Global Public Goods: International Coopoeration in the 21st Century by Inge Kaul (Editor), Isabelle Grunberg(Editor), Marc A. Stern(Editor), (Cambridge Univ Pr, 1998)

Global Media Economics by Alan B. Albarran and Sylvia M. Chn-Olmsted (Iowa State Univ Pr, 1998), chapter 6

Economics and the Law : From Posner to Post-Modernism by Nicholas Mercuro, Steven G. Medema (Princeton Univ Pr;, 1999)

Game Theory and the Law by Douglas G. Baird, Robert H. Gertner, Randal C. Picker (Harvard Univ Pr, 1998)

Auction Theory for Privatization by Paul Milgrom (Editor) (Cambridge Univ Pr, 2000)

Case Studies in Contracting and Organization by Scott E. y Scott E. Masten (Editor) (Oxford Univ Press, 1995)

Comparative Law and Economics by Ugo Mattei (Univ of Michigan Pr, 1997)

Economic Dimensions in International Law : Comparative and Empirical Perspectives by Jagdeep S. Bhandari (Editor), Alan O. Sykes (Editor), (Cambridge Univ Pr, 1998)

The Economic Structure of Corporate Law by Frank H. Easterbrook, Daniel R. Fischel (Contributor) (Harvard Univ Pr, 1996), chapters 10 and 11.

Introduction to Comparative Law by Konrad Zweigert, Hein Koetz, Tony Weir (Translator), (Oxford Univ Press, 1998)



Online journals

Network economics

Law and economics of competition


Game theory

Designing markets

Auctions - spectrum

Education - issues / other seminars

Digital money


Participants are also referred to the Professor's Webliographies on

Multimedia law

International and comparative law (in particular the section on intellectual property)


International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Home Page
Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
CNIL - Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés
Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications
Authorities in the European Union

Online journals

Berkeley Technology Law Journal - Home Page
The Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review
The Journal of Technology Law & Policy
The Journal of Online Law
Lex Electronica
Law and economics of intellectual property
The New Economy
Information technology and the new economy

The Global Technology Revolution

State St. Bank & Trust Co. v. Signature Fin. Group, Inc. (7/23/1998, No. 96-1327)


The case ofr minimam protection of copyrights
Intellectual Property Title and TOC
Information regulation and the information superhighway
Position paper on copyright in the electronic environment
EFF "Intellectual Property Online: Patent, Trademark, Copyright" Archive
Copyright in the New World of Electronic Publishing
Copyright: The Glue of the System
Who owns what?
Is information property?
Pamela Samuelson: Papers
Who Owns Digital Works?: Scientific American: July 1996
Data base protection - Gardner and Rosenbaum
IP Rights for Digital Library and Hypertext
Primer on the Digital Millenium Act
Questioning the Need For New International Rules On Authors' Rights in Cyberspace
U.S. Copyright Law
ALA Washington Office
MPAA v. 2600 - Brief of Amici Curiae in Support of Appellants and Reversal of the Judgment Below
In Defense of Copyleft
MPAA v. 2600 - Brief of Amici Curiae in Support of Appellants and Reversal of the Judgment Below
Napster - Court of Appeals decision
Writers Fight for E-Rights
Law and Order (and Animation)
Hardwiring copyrights - Tech News - CNET.com
Copyright Act Faces Big Test
Copyright: Your Right or Theirs?
US case on fair use
Legalis.net, les aspects juridiques d'Internet et des créations numériques
Domain names
Domain Name Handbook
Register.com - Domain Name Registration Services
U.S. Court Stakes Out New Turf In Barcelona.com Ruling
Math professor wins landmark crypto ruling - Tech News - CNET.com
Network economics
Bibliography on Network Economics
A Brief History of Computing
Supreme Court Upholds ISP Ruling
Networks and return on investment
The Economics of Networks: Outline
Economics of Networks Internet Site
Network Economics
TOC: Internet Economics
The Information Economy
The Internet and Economics
Digital Tornado: The Internet and Telecommunications Policy
Codes des Postes et télécommunications
Universal Service Homepage
Law and economics of competition
Speculative microeconmics
Bringing Competition Policy Into the Age of the Internet
United States v. Microsoft
Restricting Competition in the Software Industry. UCC, Uniform Commercial Code, Computer Law, Antitrust, anti-trust, software quality
Judgments and pleadings
Full text of Plaintiffs' Proposed Final Judgment
News stories

Microsoft's "Applications Barrier to Entry":
Windows, Windows, Everywhere
30 years of windows: a retrospective
Microsoft et Xerox au secours de la propriété intellectuelle
MSF case: AOL/Netscape merger may not matter
Economists duel at MSF trial
MSF lawyers play rough 11/98
EU Commissioner: DOJ has strong case 10/98
AOL / MSF spar in court 10/98
CNET News.com - Microsoft asks for Java extension
Japan probe favorable to Microsoft
Microsoft licensing fees under fire in court
Bundled vs. Integrated: Familiar Issue Turns Up Again as Trial Enters 9th Week
Microsoft Trial Update: Does AOL Deal Support or Weaken DOJ's Case?
Story: Microsoft Gets its Butt Kicked -- You Feel the Pain
The Gates' Tapes -- Finally
DOJ Turns Up the Heat With 'Smoking Memos'
Anti-trust wonks ponder MSF 9/8
Story: Is Microsoft Walking Into Its Own Last Stand? How Its Small Court Victory Masks the True Dangers
Story: How to Score the DOJ Case Against Microsoft
Microsoft cries ambush
DOJ to add to Microsoft case
MS must give more docs to judge 9/98
Microsoft injunction overturned
Microsoft settles trademark case
Win95 ruling not applicable to Win 98
Suits could lead to NT, Office
Story: Microsoft's Next Legal Nightmare (It Could Be Worse Than the DOJ Lawsuit!)
Trade group challenges MSF
More streaming from Microsoft
Microsoft walks $200 billion line
MSF case news 6/2/98
Gates wants to grow even more
MSF + judge clash 15/1/98
MSF Tokyo HQ raided 16/1/98
MS, judge differ on compliance
MSF/TCI deal 15/1/98
Story: MS Settles (Partially) and Netscape Makes Browser Free. Result -- Netscape Has a Chance Again
Microsoft deal ends contempt charges
MS: DOJ waffled, judge erred
Judge uninstalls IE in 90 seconds
MSF anti-trust decision comment 15/12/97

Game theory
Al Roth's Game Theory and Experimental Economics Page
Prisoners' Dilemma
Resources for economists
Designing markets
Springer LINK: Review of Economic Design
Market Design Inc.
Spectrum Exchange
Auctions - spectrum
FCC Auction
Spectrum policy - FCLJ Vol 47 No. 2 - Obuchowski
History of FCC auctions - FCLJ Vol 47 No. 2 - Blake
PCS Spectrum Auction
Education - issues / other seminars
IRPI : Institut de Recherche en Propriété Intellectuelle Henri-Desbois
Analysis of MDS Decision by K. Crews
U.S. Copyright Office, Distance Education Study
Market Design
Digital money
Network Payment Mechanisms and Digital Cash
Money - Past, Present & Future

New Zealand Proposes Tax On E-Commerce
U.S. Court Stakes Out New Turf In



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