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This seminar is intended to train students in the use of economic, financial and legal analysis in the management of selected risks at the international level.


1. - International business risks

1.1. - Insurable risks

1.1.1 - Law and economics of insurance

1.1.2. - Products liability

1.1.3. - Environmental risks

1.2. - Corporate crises

2. - International financial risks

2.1. - Quantifying and managing risks at the firm level

2.1.1. - Accounting exposure

2.1.2. - Economic Exposure

2.2. - Predicting and managing international financial crises

2.2.1. - Stock market crashes

2.2.2. - Banking crises

2.2.3. - Financial firm crises

2.2.4. - Currency crises

2.2.5. - Country crises

3. - Value at risk

3.1. - Definition

3.2. - Applications on the international level

3.3. - Applications at the firm level



Richard Schaffer, Beverley Earle, Filiberto Agusti, International Business Law and Its Environment South-Western College Publishing, 1998, ISBN: 0538884835

Jagdeep S. Bhandari, Alan O. Sykes, Economic dimensions in international law, Cambridge,1997

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Alan C. Shapiro, Multinational Financial Management, Prentice Hall, 1996

Anant K. Sundaran, J. Stewart Black, The International Business Environment, Prentice Hall, 1995


1. - General readings

Dorfman, Chapters 1, 2, 3 4, 7, 8, and 9 - introduction to the law and economics of insurance

Maurice and Thomas, Chapter 18 - Decision making under risk and uncertainty

Chorafas, Chapter 1 - Implementing chaos theory in financial markets

2. - Product risks

Posner, Chapter 6 - Tort law

Cooter and Ulen, Chapter 9(2) - Product liability, Chapter 2(Appendix) - The economics of risk and insurance

Gilson, Black, Chapter 26 - Successor liability of the acquiring company

3. - Environmental risks

Oliver, Firmage Chapter 6 - International protection of the environment

Schaffer, Earle, Augusti - Chapter 22: Environmental law

Bhandari and Sykes Chapter 6 - International conflict and coordination in environmental policies

4. - Corporate crises

Beauchamp, Chapter 4 - Acceptable risk

5. - International financial risks

Shapiro, Chapters 8, 9 10 and 11 - Foreign Exchange risk management

Scott and Wellons, Chapter 4 - Capital adequacy, Chapter 16 - Swaps, Chapter 17 - Offshore mutual funds

Hull, Chapters 1, 2 and 3 - Forward and futures contracts, Chapter 5 - Swaps, Chapters 7 and 8 - Options, Chapter 18 - Credit risks

6. - Value at risk

Levich, Chapters 16 and 17 - Measuring and managing the risk in international financial positions and regulatory issues


1. - Environmental risks

Sundaran and Black Case 11 - Union Carbide and Bhopal

2. - Corporate crises

Monks and Minow Chapter 6 - Case studies: corporations in crises

3. - International financial risks

Shapiro, Chapter 11 - Case studies, p. 326 ff

4 - Novel financial instruments

Laprès, Le marché boursier de l'électricité aux Etats-Unis


1. - Product liability
1.1. - Sources of law
Convention on the law applicable to product liability (1973)
1.2. - Stories in the news
Union Carbide, IBM Lose Contributory Negligence Defense in 'Bellwether' Birth Defects Suit
$145 billion tobacco award upheld
Liability of a skier for death in a crash on the slopes
Along for the Ride - Ford/Firestone liability
Judge Orders Massive Ford Recall
Jury Tags Chrysler for $83 Million
Copyright Copyleft Information
Jury's $785M Verdict in Lockheed Case Reversed
Dairy Queen liability
SAP sued for firm's collapse 9/98
US Sup Ct - GM truck case
1.3. - International environmental law
Foundation for international Environmental Law & Development
Globelaw International Environmental Law and Multilateral Conventions
CIEL Home Page
Environmental Law, Endangered Species Law, Federal Law, International Law, Toxic Torts Law, Juris Doctorate - Index
ASIL Electronic Resource Guide International Environmental Law
2. - International financial risk management
2.1. - Macro-economic risk managment
BIS papers
St-Louis Fed - on Glass-Stegall reform
"The Insider: What I Learned at the World Economic Crisis." Joseph Stiglitz Article: Economic Studies: Brookings Institution
Why the interest in reforming the international financial system
Rethinking the International Monetary System: An Overview
Building an Infrastructure for Financial Stability: An Overview
2.2. - International organizations
Bank for International Settlements
The World Bank Group
International Monetary Fund Home Page
2.3. - International finance law links
Enrique Carrasco's Page on Intenational Financial Law
Securities law: WWW sites and other internet resources
U.S. Banking Law
US Securities and Exchange Commission
2.4. - Derivatives
An Introduction To Futures And Commodity Trading
Basic facts about futures trading
Options Strategy Guide
Educational Information on Derivatives
Welcome to the
2.5. - Hedge funds
Hedge Funds: What Do We Really Know?
Hedge Funds and Financial Market Dynamics
3. - VAR
3.1. - General
Value at Risk : a quick primer
Risk Measurement: An Introduction to Value at Risk
VAR - New approaches to risk management
Failures in risk management
3.2. - Cases
Case Studies
Orange County Value-at-Risk Case
3.3. - Porfolio investment tool
Value at Risk
Anomalies in Black and Scholes
Managing derivatives in the 90s
The Use of Value at Risk by Institutional Investors
3.4. - Consultants
Risk Assessment & Policy Association
Contingency Analysis: Subjective Value-at-Risk
ACCURISK LLC - Interactive online high-dimensional Modeling, Monte Carlo, Algorithms, for financial securities and portfolios
EXVaR Risk Management: Risk Software suite - Chosen By Paris Bourse to manage Financial Risk in Real-time with Full Monte-Carlo VaR
All About Value at Risk



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