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International School of Management - Paris, 2005

Professor: Daniel Laprès


This 24-hour seminar is intended for students in the MBA program at the International School of Management in Paris. It treats a cross disciplinary selection of issues of particular importance for doing business in Asia.
In particular, the following questions and their consequences will be studied:
Particular attention will be paid to Greater China (People's Republic of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), and India.
Management skills that will in particular be developed are: country risk analysis, marketing research and planning, financial analysis, portfolio management, legal analysis, international negotiation.



Assessment will be based on the following elements a 5,000 word report which may take any of the following forms:




For each day of the three-day seminar, each student is encouraged to prepare the class by doing the following optional work.
First day:
one-page reproduction of a work of art from an Asian country (not his/her own) and one 100 word presentation of the work
with reference to two Asian countries of your choice (either Japan, China or India, and one other country), the latest reports of the IMF and the WTO. These are to be dowloaded from the IMF and WTO sites, printed and brought to class. Also the statistical dossier distributed before the class should have been studied in relation with the country of each participant's choice.
Second day:
preparation of two cases related to strategy and marketing in Asia from the selection of cases distributed prior to the class
preparation of one article selected from the articles on Asia on the site of McKinsey Quarterly
Third day:
evaluation of the cost of capital of any Asian multinational corporation quoted on a stock exchange
evaluation of the optimal portfolio for a European investor intending to diversify his portfolio with instruments quoted on any Asian exchange.



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